Weekend Project.

Just finished my 1st weekend project. I will make adjustments, and try this one again. I am really getting into trying to keep my mind off of my stresses. It seems to be working.


Another Good Day.

Fitness: Run 2 miles; elliptical 30 min

Reading: Looking to Lose Weight? Dump your trainer (the only thing they’ll reduce is your wallet!)

T.V time: watching Clean House on Style Network
Food: Too much ………………………………. way too much
This is a picture of my gym. So there is really no excuse when I don’t “feel” like hitting the “gym”.
Live Stree-free,


Here is the almost completed project. I was getting a little frustrated…. a little stressed…. so I stopped. Then I started to clean and go figure….. I feel better. Any way, I will work on it a little more another day. I will read a little, then run a little. All and all…. it turned out to be a good day.

Reading: Skim through The South Beach Diet- Super Charged by Arthur Agatston, MD.
Fitness: Run 2 miles (intervals)
Food: DH is planning to cook-out. Have I said lately that I loved that man? Well… I do.


Exercise is good for the soul. I ran 2 miles this morning then 2 more miles tonight for a total of 4 miles today.

Also… I did something new tonight… I entered the Kettlebell!!! That was different.

My stress level has been way down these last few weeks. It must be that i am focusing on “other things”.