Snow Day!

This is my 34 Weeks Belly Picture. I am so huge!!! Yes there is only one in there. I am thinking that Anna is going to be a big girl right from the start!

DH decided to go outside and have some fun in the snow. He wanted to clean the driveway. I had to take a picture of it. He looked so happy out in the snow

The last picture is the back yard. I love it when it snows. It is like a new beginning; a fresh start. The air is so clean and fresh.

All in all… Today was a good day. Had one small stress, but decided to let it go. I refuse to hold on to other’s issues. I’ve learned that what bothers others do not have to change me. Nor do I have to accept their problems.

keep living Stress-free,

Weekend projects

This Weekend’s projects completed.
First….. I made pillow hangings for Anna. The colors are pink and brown– like most of the things that I have gotten for her. I am thinking about painting that wall pink as well. I will have to sit back and look at it some more.
The next project that DH and I completed this weekend was to re-do our dinning room chairs. We picked a color that will match the curtains in the living room and the table cloth. All in all– this weekend was stress-free.

The only stress of the week end was unwanted advice. It is funny how others that do not know what goes on in your life are ready and willing to tell you how to live your life.
A stress that I have had— but let go months again, seem to keep coming back without invitation. DH just said– let it go… hang up the phone, don’t respond to any unwanted messages. And you know what??? He is right.
I have learned to live my life, and it would be great if others lived their own as well.
Call this cleaning house… I have been doing that a lot lately.. In preparing for the arrival of my baby girl… I have been getting rid of all unwanted things in my life to make room for new things. And if it means letting go of people who do not add value to my life, then I am willing to let them go.
Keep living stress-free,

33 Weeks!!!

Well….I have made it to week 33. That is really good news. The baby is fine and things are moving right along. We have finished buying things that we need to bring a newborn home.

Her bed is finished and now I have to wash all the clothes that she received from her shower.

The boys are getting excited about the baby (finally!!). I guess that the bigger I get, the more it seems real to them as well…..

Keep living stress free,

32 Weeks!!

Well… so far, I’ve made it to 32 weeks. It is getting really close now. I better start shopping to baby items.

Today was a good day. I was able to get in a short workout on the treadmill. It felt good to actually walk alittle. I may set a goal to walk on the treadmill daily. I’m hoping that it will help me sleep better at night.

Keep living stress-free,