Record your life…then ask yourself if it really matters

My musing::
I’ve noticed that I have started to write down things. and by doing this, it makes me a better person. More organized, less stressed. Things that I list:
what I eat/and how much
what exercise I’ve done that day
how much money I am spending
hobbies that I need to complete
things I like to do
things that I don’t like to do
my list goes on and on– and I like that the list is always changing according to how I feel and what i feel is important to me.
why do I make lists? again.. to live my life to the fullest. But are you really living to the fullest if you spend so much time recording? Yes….
for example: if I say that I like to run, yet don’t log (run) any miles— do I really like to run?
If I say that I sew— but have not sewn a stitch- do I sew?
Record your life: see if you really are who you say that you are. If you spend time doing things that you don’t like– why do it?
I’ve met a runner who “hates” to run— then why run?
I’ve met a mother who “hates” her child— then why have/raise that child?
List who you know you are.
Here’s my nugget of knowledge for today:
record your life
those things that you thought define you
but is not on your list; it’s not you.
things you won’t see on your list are:
what others think you are.
other’s opinions of you.
other’s expectations of you.
when you live your life by your own lists-
what others say about you doesn’t matter
what others think about you doesn’t matter
what others believe about you, doesn’t matter
what matters is what YOU put on your list.
List your life….. then ask yourself; Does it matter?
live stress-free,



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