Growing Up……breathing

It is really nice turning the big 40. You know that you are growing up when it is easy to let others walk out of your life and you are fine with it.

Everyone that you meet doesn’t have to be your friend. and a grown up knows that it you are not jelling with someone for whatever reason…… It is okay to walk away with a smile on your face.

no need to hang on to relationships with people you would rather have not met to begin with. That is one thing that I’ve learned from my parental units….you can not make someone love you. You can’t even make someone like you. And does it really even matter that they don’t like you?


Sometimes happiness starts with “goodbye”.

Let it go… let it go… let it flow…….

not everyone is meant to be part of your life. There are people out there who only hangs around you to sap your energy. And when they leave…. you feel like a new person.
You know they talk to you just to get information- then use that same information to better themselves….Good on them!!!

Good bye is not a sad word….. for with good bye… comes freedom.

keep running,
keep living,
keep loving;

live stress-free,

Fat loss plan

So… here is my new fat loss plan:

I will work through this plan for 2 weeks to gauge the results:

Day 1: Strength Train- upperbody
Day 2: 60-80min Steady state Cardio (run/elliptical)
Day 3: Strength Train- lowerbody; circuit train 45 min
Day 4: Strength Train- upperbody; intervals 45 min
Day 5: Circuits (45min); yoga
Day 6: Strength Train- upperbody; intervals (45min)
Day 7: Circuits (45min); yoga

That is a lot of working out….. we’ll see how it goes for 2 weeks!!!

I am also starting a new book: Body @ home. Since I love to workout from home, I need to have a plan.

live stress-free,