Fat loss plan

So… here is my new fat loss plan:

I will work through this plan for 2 weeks to gauge the results:

Day 1: Strength Train- upperbody
Day 2: 60-80min Steady state Cardio (run/elliptical)
Day 3: Strength Train- lowerbody; circuit train 45 min
Day 4: Strength Train- upperbody; intervals 45 min
Day 5: Circuits (45min); yoga
Day 6: Strength Train- upperbody; intervals (45min)
Day 7: Circuits (45min); yoga

That is a lot of working out….. we’ll see how it goes for 2 weeks!!!

I am also starting a new book: Body @ home. Since I love to workout from home, I need to have a plan.

live stress-free,

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