Mid week update:

Work has gotten better this week. It is good to focus on work and to put everything else in the category: not important enough to concern myself with.

A very dear friend told me this week…. leave the stressors alone. When you focus on God… the stressors go away.

Thanks to the Gowear Fit:

I am down 3 pounds this week. Awesome!!! I also found out that while I thought I was getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night; I am getting in only 4.5 hours a night!! No wonder I am tired most of the time.

Cardio Power & Resistance Done

Spin 35 min/Pure Cardio Run 3 miles; Elliptical 45 min

Run 4 miles Run 3.5 miles

Wednesday: Run 2 miles/Cardio Recovery

Thursday: Spin 40 min/Cardio Power & Recovery

Friday: Run 5 miles/ Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Saturday: Rest

So far…. So good this week.

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