New meal schedule:

0630 Egg white protein shake w/ half banana (150 cals)

    a.m. workout: 45 min cardio

0930 1 hardboiled egg w/ handful of grape tomatoes (100 cals)

Lunch: canned tuna on wheat crackers (175 cals)

Afternoon snack: 1 cup reduced fat yogurt (250 cals)

    p.m workout: 45-60 min cardio/strength training

Dinner: 400 cal meal

Evening snack: Rice Pudding (150 cals)

Total Daily Cals: 1225

Cardio: 90-105 min

Strength Training: 20-30 min



Time to shock my body….. to shake it up a little. I plan on zig-zaging the above plan day-day on; day off; day-day on, day-off; free day and see how it goes!! I will plug and play with the different types of cardio and I will go heavy on the strength training.

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