Planned Workout for the week

Click on Workout Log to read:

Cardio: 5 days
Upper: 2 days
Lower: 2 days
Core: 4 days
Flex: 3 days

Monday: Run 6 miles/PUB/Abs

Tuesday: Run 3 miles/PLB

Wednesday: Run 4 miles/Yoga/Abs

Thursday: EFX 55 min/PUB

Friday: Run 3 miles/PLB/Abs

Saturday: Spinning 45 min/Yoga

Sunday: Run 5 miles/Yoga/Abs

This will be my workout plan for the next week. It should yield some good results!!! We’ll see. Today was a good day.. Once again I started the day off in Church. I visited a new Church today and really liked the message. Actually it was the same message that has been playing in my head for a while now. Focusing on God and not on things. Trying to fill my life with things and not with God. Only in God is the fullness of life. I really had a nice time @ church. I may visit with them next week as well…

Keep living stress-free,


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