Current Week Rotation

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This is my current week’s rotation. So far, I’ve followed the plan and have workout 3 days this week so far. The running is good for my mood and I have been really relaxed.

Not only is the running taking the stress away… I have decided to focus on God again.

I even went to Church tonight!! how’s that for a commitment? When your teenager comes and ask to go to Church…. how can you say “no”? It was meant to be to hear tonight’s message.

keep living stress-free,


Sidelined by a Cold


Workouts for the week were a BUST!!! I’m still battling a cold and I am wishing that I could breathe out of my nose so that I could go on a long run. I may just go on one anyway and see if it will help to clear up this head cold.

Very relaxing weekend so far….. Cookout and Margaritas; what could be better than that?

So…. Workout tonight will be (God Willing)… another run… 4-6 miles; then a total body strength training session.