Skyy’s Stress-free Zone

This is my Stress-free Zone!!!
When I feel the need to run… my forever friend is always available. When I feel the need to lift-I have a choice of poundage. Most of my passions are seen in the pics: My 3 F’s


I don’t know how many miles I’ve logged on my treadmill, but I’m sure that it’s impressive.

This is the 2nd treadmill I’ve owned. The first one was purchased @ Sears years ago but was way to loud to run while hubby was watching football. So it had to go….
This one is whisper quiet. I can run in the Zone and hubby is sitting less than 50 feet away and can’t hear the humming of the motor. Wonderful!!

Hiding behind the Treddy, is my birthday gift from hubby…. my Spinning bike…. this is where my HIIT workouts will occur— Tabata Sets will do the job!!

The Elliptical gets a 3rd on my list of Cardio machines- behind my Spinning bike!! I like it okay but it always gives me a killer workout!!!

Keep living Stress-free,

New plan

New workout schedule: I think that it is time to change it up a little bit, time to burn the fat, and feed the muscle!!!

Mon: Total Body weight Circuits, Cardio (3 miles)
Tue: HIIT, yoga
Wed: Total Body weight Circuits, Cardio (3 miles)
Thur: HIIT, yoga
Fri: Steady state cardio (6 miles)
Sat: Total Body weight Circuits, yoga
Sun: Rest

So, I’ll reduce weekly mileage, include hiit training, and top it off with yoga. Maybe this will finally get the inches to melt away.

Work is work… nothing new on that front. Just have to wait a little longer before starting on the path to making my life change. But I guess that may be the answer I need to hear. I’m still waiting on the Lord. This whole process has changed me. I am wiser to the games that people play. I have decided to stand strong and continue to be dedicated to whatever I am doing. God is a good God, who hears. I am waiting on the Lord.

Keep loving,

Keep running,

Keep living stress-free,


I choose to use my knives for slicing cake. I know that I will never wish something bad on someone else so that I could look better. I’ve met people… and I meet people that rejoices when other fail. But I’ve realized that I’m not such a bad person after all….I wish others well. I don’t wish failure on anyone. The knowledge I have… I share. I would give my last $5.00 to someone in need. I love God with my whole heart, and I am determined to live by His Word.

I will not use my knife to stab someone in the back….worst…to stab someone in the heart. I cannot say that I love God, if I don’t love others.

Workouts are still looking strong:

Running has calmed my mind and brought peace to my soul.
Circuits has made me push my body beyond what I thought I could do at this stage.
Ab rehab has made me realize that…
yes… it takes time to heal after having a baby. 6 months may not be enough time for a 40 year old to heal…..I am not a bad Soldier because i could not do 38 sit ups within the allotted 2 min. I will keep running, pushing and crunching (until I can do a full sit up) and I will love myself all the while that I’m doing it.

keep running,
keep loving,
keep believing in God,



Today was a beautiful day!!!
Nothing special happened, but very peaceful. I love days like today. 🙂
Got my workout in:
6 mile run:
1 mile warm up
4 miles @ tempo pace
1 mile cool down
2 sets of push ups (all the way down, slowly)
Ab Rehab:
Pilates roll-ups : 3
Baby boy is 1 week into Driver’s Ed….. his teacher wants the parents to let them drive on the roads…. what??? why do I have to pay all this money for Driver’s Ed if I am the one teaching him to drive??? I will never understand it….. Anyway…baby boy and I will be driving on the roads this weekend… so watch out!!!!
Keep running,
keep loving,
keep living Stress-free,

Today’s workout

Today’s workout:

.5 mile warmup

1 mile @ 8:27 min/mile

.5 mile cool down

35 min Elliptical Trainer

Strength Train: Upper-body

Pyramids ups:

Military press: 8 x 15; 10 x12; 12 x 10

Curls: 8 x 15; 10 x 12; 12 x10

Dumbbell bench press: 8 x 15; 10 x 12; 12 x10

Pyramids down:

Dumbbell bench press: 12 x 10; 10 x 12;

Curls: 12 x 10; 10 x 12; 8 x 10

Military press:—– none had to go!!!


Matthew 6:19-21
“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

something that I treasured on earth was my fitness….. It is hard to “feel” and think that I am @ 100% because I have known no different- then realized that even though my mind says that i can do it, my body says “hold on- you have work to do to get back to were you should be.”

The 1st step to recovery is to admit that there is an issue:

Hi…I’m Skyy….
I have an issue….
I am a fitness freak who runs 25 miles a week..
who can do push ups until I turn blue…
who can crunch with the best of them….
but can not do 38 full, military sit ups with in two minutes.

but.. my husband loves me…
my kids love me…
i love me….
and most importantly…….
God loves me.

I’ll get back @ it.

keep running…
keep loving..
keep living stress-free,


The roadmap to a miracle

The roadmap to a miracle:

Many, many years ago a hasty decision was made….
No more children would I bear…
for already;
two little hearts looked to me for care.
No more children would I bear.

Then I heard that little voice inside…..whispering……
“I am what you need…..don’t forget about me”

Immediately I regretted that hastily made decision….
And made it my mission to reverse a bad, bad, bad decision-
But found it was too late…from my haste and my fear….
No more children would I bear…..
I prayed and prayed…
…“don’t forget about me”
I prayed and prayed……
…“don’t forget about me”
For 10 years I prayed……
I met a friend… with the brownest eyes
Who listened to all my cries….
Who reminded me …. Not to believe the lies
No matter what, he was on my side and began to teach me the secret of life..
Honesty…integrity… love…respect
…”don’t forget about me”
..”don’t forget about me”
We didn’t forget about you. We could never forget about you.
So began the journey…
The shots…the pills..the surgeries..the money…the agony
..”don’t forget about me”
The hope…the joy…the positives…the negatives..
The positive…the miscarriage…
The sadness…..
..”don’t forget about me”
The sadness….the loss of hope…the loss of faith..
The deployment…
the decision…..
No more shots…no more more more money…no more agony
It was time to move on….it was time to start anew…
But with 4 little embbies…..what were we to do?
Life begins at conception—no matter how long it sleeps in the lab
It was all we had.
Three times they said not to do it.
Three times they said it wouldn’t work… and I believed them.
On a car trip across the country….in a car full of love….i get that message I’d dreamt would come from above
In a new city….with a new doctor… looking at the ultrasound screen… all still felt like a dream
I heard it….I saw it… I hold her today….

The miracle……….We call Anna

…”you didn’t forget about me.”

..”you didn’t forget about me”…

we didn’t forget about you.

Annissa: A completed Spirit
Abigail: A Father’s joy
I will never regret my miracle…I will never forget the pain…..and all that comes with it…

My roadmap to my miracle continues…….
keep loving
keep living
keep praying

Our God is a good, good God…..who hears

A Psalm for encouragement

Psalm 73:25-26

Whom have I in heaven but you?

I desire you more than anything on earth.

My health may fail, and my spirit

May grow weak,

But God remains the strength of my heart;

He is mine forever.

Oh how we forget……..

Who holds me by my right hand?

In whom should I put my faith?

Who is the King of Glory?

Go ahead…. say His Name

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Oh…… how we forget.