I choose to use my knives for slicing cake. I know that I will never wish something bad on someone else so that I could look better. I’ve met people… and I meet people that rejoices when other fail. But I’ve realized that I’m not such a bad person after all….I wish others well. I don’t wish failure on anyone. The knowledge I have… I share. I would give my last $5.00 to someone in need. I love God with my whole heart, and I am determined to live by His Word.

I will not use my knife to stab someone in the back….worst…to stab someone in the heart. I cannot say that I love God, if I don’t love others.

Workouts are still looking strong:

Running has calmed my mind and brought peace to my soul.
Circuits has made me push my body beyond what I thought I could do at this stage.
Ab rehab has made me realize that…
yes… it takes time to heal after having a baby. 6 months may not be enough time for a 40 year old to heal…..I am not a bad Soldier because i could not do 38 sit ups within the allotted 2 min. I will keep running, pushing and crunching (until I can do a full sit up) and I will love myself all the while that I’m doing it.

keep running,
keep loving,
keep believing in God,


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