New plan

New workout schedule: I think that it is time to change it up a little bit, time to burn the fat, and feed the muscle!!!

Mon: Total Body weight Circuits, Cardio (3 miles)
Tue: HIIT, yoga
Wed: Total Body weight Circuits, Cardio (3 miles)
Thur: HIIT, yoga
Fri: Steady state cardio (6 miles)
Sat: Total Body weight Circuits, yoga
Sun: Rest

So, I’ll reduce weekly mileage, include hiit training, and top it off with yoga. Maybe this will finally get the inches to melt away.

Work is work… nothing new on that front. Just have to wait a little longer before starting on the path to making my life change. But I guess that may be the answer I need to hear. I’m still waiting on the Lord. This whole process has changed me. I am wiser to the games that people play. I have decided to stand strong and continue to be dedicated to whatever I am doing. God is a good God, who hears. I am waiting on the Lord.

Keep loving,

Keep running,

Keep living stress-free,