Skyy’s Stress-free Zone

This is my Stress-free Zone!!!
When I feel the need to run… my forever friend is always available. When I feel the need to lift-I have a choice of poundage. Most of my passions are seen in the pics: My 3 F’s


I don’t know how many miles I’ve logged on my treadmill, but I’m sure that it’s impressive.

This is the 2nd treadmill I’ve owned. The first one was purchased @ Sears years ago but was way to loud to run while hubby was watching football. So it had to go….
This one is whisper quiet. I can run in the Zone and hubby is sitting less than 50 feet away and can’t hear the humming of the motor. Wonderful!!

Hiding behind the Treddy, is my birthday gift from hubby…. my Spinning bike…. this is where my HIIT workouts will occur— Tabata Sets will do the job!!

The Elliptical gets a 3rd on my list of Cardio machines- behind my Spinning bike!! I like it okay but it always gives me a killer workout!!!

Keep living Stress-free,

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