Cardio Coach Press Play Day

“Fear is an exciting time. It’s our soul telling us that we need to change. Change is powerful.”
– Jim MacLaren

Press Play Saturday:

Today I am running for all of the precious children in the news these last few weeks that have fallen into the hands of evil.

Though I do not know any of them; they have captured my heart and I pray for justice for those involved in the evil that has overcome them.

Children are a gift from God.


***Happy Thanksgiving***

Started off the day with the Drumstick Dash 4.5 mile run. It was so much fun. Then came home to a catered meal…. So far the best day.

mashed potatoes/gravy
green beans

12 min Skyy Rounds

warm up 3 min jump rope
I. Treadmill run (12 min)
II. Squat/overhead press (1min)
plank/push-up/1 arm rows/overhead press (1min)
mountain climbers (1min)
crunches (1 min)
Repeat 3x
III. Spinning (12 min)
IV. mountain climbers (1 min)
squat overhead press (1min)
push-ups (1 min)
crunches (1 min)
Repeat 3x
V. Treadmill run (12 min)
cool down (5 min stretch)

Things that I’m thankful for:

The love of Christ for humanity
my dogs
focusing on a new path

Keep loving
keep running
keep living stress-free,


Today is such a wonderful day.

Focus on the Lord
Focus on your Family
Focus on Loving others
Focus on You.

On the road to finding myself, I must remember not to lose focus. When I focus on Negative…the world looks negative. When I focus on the positives… my world becomes positive.

I received a gift in the mail from a stranger who cared about my issue. Someone wanting to build me up. Yet those I spend my working hours with… shows little concern.

today’s workout:
3 mile run
25 min elliptical
20 Kettlebell swings/5 push-up (3 rounds)

keep living stress-free,

11/9/09 Racing to the 150’s

Long time:  But still working out!!

wgt: 162lbs

Monday:  Total Body weight Circuits, Cardio (3 miles)

Tuesday: HIIT, yoga

Wednesday: Total Body Weight Circuits, Cardio (3 miles)

Thursday: HIIT, yoga

Friday: Steady State Cardio (6 miles)

Saturday: Total Body weight Circuits, yoga

Sunday: Active Rest

The above routine as really started to lean me out alot!!  I will keep this up and insert a fitness DVD when I start to miss my “Cathe”


Going back to School

So…this week, I’ve taken the 1st step to starting my new career. I am really excited about starting something new.
I didn’t realize that making a decision to move on would lift my spirit as much has it has.
I’ve written a list of what I really wanted to do in life.
I realize that I do want to stay home with Anna.
I don’t really want to work for anyone.
I want to start my own business.
I don’t want to sell anything (although-there is nothing wrong with selling).
Because I like to shop… I still wanted to bring in some income……

Well…. I’ve decided to go into the Transcription business….We’ll see how it goes.

Keep reaching for the stars,
Keep loving,
Keep living stress-free,