12 min Skyy Rounds
I. Treadmill run (12 min)
II. Squat/overhead press (1min)
plank/push up/1 arm row/overhead press (1min)
mountain climbers (1min)
crunches (1min)
Repeat 3x
III. Spinning (12 min)
IV. mountain climbers (1min)
squat overhead press (1min)
push ups (1 min)
crunches (1 min)
Repeat 3x
V. Treadmill run/walk (12 min)

I really wasn’t feeling it today, but I had to do my skyy rounds. I did feel energized when I was on the final rounds. It feels really good to be able to workout at home. I guess that I am becoming more and more a “home body”. Once I finish my schooling for Medical Transcription- I will be able to work from home as well. I would never have to leave the house!!!!

Wonder if I will get on my own nerves????

still stress-free,

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