On Tap for today

On tap for today’s workout:

Warm up:
10-15 min of light jogging

20 Burpees
20 Push ups
15 Single leg squats (each side)
30 Crunches
Run 800m @ 5K pace

20 High box steps w/ jump (each leg)
20 bench dips
20 Dumbbell lunges (each leg)
20 double crunches
Run 800m @ 5K pace

20 squat to press
30 Superman’s
Run 1500m @ 5K pace

Repeat Circuit 2x

Cool down:
15 min of easy jogging

I’m still hurting after my Skyy Rounds day before yesterday. But it is a good hurt. Also Ab rehab is going good. It is showing me how weak my ab muscles are!! Everyone feels the same way as to me about having needed more time to heal before doing a test @ 6 months post-partum. It has been so eye opening on how people’s hidden agenda’s affect how they communicate with others.
It is easy to put others down to take them out of the running for—-say a promotion– so that someone who is more favored has a better chance. Then smile at everyone and pretend there is concern. But on the inside– rejoicing that the favored one has less competition.

Here’s my nugget for today: Favored/not favored— it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is your integrity and how well you do your job. In heaven we’re all favored. Here on earth…. some of us have a harder time than others. But through it all…. I favor me… that that’s all that matters.

Me… just being me…

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