What a December

It’s time to update my workout schedule. As you can see, I am mixing it up with some of my workout DVD’s. This week I will spend some time with Jackie and Tony. I will add one day of Denise Austin just to get a mellow instructor— yea right, I put Denise on when I need a perky gal on the T.V. Not saying that Tony isn’t perky enough!! You got to love Tony. His one on one’s are great.

This month I have banned myself from E-bay!!! Hubby is scratching his head and cursing Paypal!!! LOL

No new Drama….. But hubby has a solution to combating unwanted drama….Shut up and run!!! Love that man.

Monday: 6 mile run/ Killer Abs

Tuesday: Jackie W Power Circuit Training//Fountain of Youth Yoga

Wednesday: 3 mile run/Killer Abs

Thursday: Spinning (Spinervals 1.0)/stretch

Friday: Jackie W Power Circuit Training/ Power Yoga Plus (Denise Austin)

Saturday: Cardio Coach Press Play (7 mile run)

Sunday: Active Rest


16 mile run week with circuits, yoga, spinning and Abs. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

This week received two secret Santa gifts. Seems like my fitness buddies know me so much better than people I spend my days with J Loving the Boot-camp, cookbook, and especially the coffee mug!!! Thanks Kathy!!

My Abs are getting stronger!!! My mind is getting clearer!!!


Live stress-free,


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