Week in review

Week-end purchase:
ilaria Montagnani’s
Powerstrike 5
ABS & Pushups plus

Core Cuts with Rob Glick and Kimberly Spreen.

So at least two new reviews coming this weekend.

Chewie decided that he wanted to pose in the picture, so I couldn’t deny him.

I was able to exercise 4 days this week. My goal was to complete 6 workouts. Falling behind on my Bible readings, but I will catch up this weekend. I should be back on track by Monday. Anna was under the weather one day this week, so my day was focused on getting her back into her smiling self.

A long run is definitely needed tomorrow morning. So plan is to venture outside and complete a 7 miler.

Course study is also going slowly. I am trying to memorize each term and that is slowing me down greatly. I may have to just press on without memorizing each and every term.

Keep running,

Keep loving,

Keep living Stress-free,


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