Weekly Update:

After being away from home for about a week, I am finally home. Shadow and Chewie greeted me at the door. Both wanted to let me know how much they missed me by jumping up onto me and barking wildly. I missed them both as well.

I’ve listed my travel workouts.
Workout # 1 (a.m.)

1.5 mile run
Biceps curls
Over head press
2 min jump rope
Repeat circuit 2 x.

Workout #2 (p.m.)
4 mile run
3 miles @ steady state
1 mile- intervals
Upper body weights
Bench press
Squat overhead press
Chest press

Workout #3 (a.m.)
2 mile run @ 6.4-7.0
Walk cool down 5 min
5 burpees
50 abs
Repeat 3x

Workout # 4(p.m.)
5 mile run
Lower body circuits:
60 squats
60 lunges (walking)
100 butt toners
Repeat 3x

Workout #5 (a.m.)
1.5 mile run @ 4.7
Upper body circuits:
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups
Max in 20 min
5 min walk cool down

Workout #6 (a.m.)
Jackie Warner’s Multi-Joint Body Shaping Workout:
Super Sets: 3 sets X 20 reps each

Single-Leg raises with rear delt flyes

  1. Backward lunges with biceps curls

  2. Stiff leg dead lifts with dumbbell front raises

    Standing calf raises with overhead triceps dumbbell extensions

  3. Sumo Squats with lateral raises

    Jackknife pullovers

  4. Squat with military press

    Jackknife flye

All in all.. a very good workout week. I have yet to review my new fitness buys. To add to the new purchase list is Brazil Butt Lift. Is there anything from Beachbody that I do not have???? Oh well..

Keep running,

Keep loving,

Keep living stress-free,


I forgive me…..

I forgive me for being an Ass

I forgive me for the problems I’ve created in the past

I forgive me for the stresses that I bring on

I forgive me for not liking my birth mom

I forgive me for the hurt I internalize

I forgive me for not reaching for that elusive prize.

I forgive you for the judgments that you make

I forgive you for the stances you take

I forgive you for the opinions you make…

….Concerning me.

My life is a song I chose to sing

No longer listening to the voices whispering in the wind

Those voices that try to keep me at bay

Because of my success, come what may

I’ll sing this song… loud and proud

Forever standing my ground.

In life, no matter what may be,

The value I give… is a value to me.

From a childhood of abuse

to an adulthood filled with pain

I chose to stand firm with the decisions that I’ve made

I chose to love me

In spite of what you say.

The picture that I see

Is the picture I portray.

The Colors on my Picture

There is nothing so peaceful as to sit with Annissa and hold her while she sleeps. I am still amazed that I was blessed by God to have another child this late in life. Whenever I think about all of the stress of getting back into shape, I smile. Because it all reminds me of the wonderful, powerful, merciful Lord I serve and my Red Sea Moment with the birth of a Miracle.

I smile now when someone is rude to me. It isn’t about me, it is about them. I laugh now at the hateful things that others say and do to try to bring me down. It isn’t about me, it’s about them.

The picture that you paint.

Although I may give you the colors to use,
the image on your canvas is of your own making.
It’s based on what you perceive me to be.
It is not who I am
It is not what I can become
It is a vision, clouded by your prejudice, of what others say that I am.

The painting on my canvas
is similar to yours—only with the colors chosen by me.
the images that I see
were painted by my Lord.
It is His picture I choice to see.
For He is all that matters to me.

The mark of a Man is having the ability to form your pictures without a cloud of prejudice.

Who’s up for the challenge?

Keep Running,
Keep Loving,
Keep Living Stress-free,