New Scale

This has been a wonderful weekend. Not just because I have my sis here, but I am beginning to feel like myself again. Finally. Still on my exercise track and have decided that I will stay with it. I will continue to add long weekend runs because of how I feel after I finish a long run….refreshed, renewed, revived, alive.

Well….I rewarded myself with a new fitness scale. This one tells not only weight, but also body fat%, body water weight%, muscle mass %, and bone mass %. Not too shabby. My current results are upsetting…..but it gives me something to work towards.

Wgt: 176.2
fat: 21%
water: 53.4%
muscle mass: 36.7%
bone mass: 3.8%

So translation: 112.6 lbs of lean muscle mass
63.6 lbs of FAT

Way too high. But I have a valid starting point.
I also realize that what I put into my mouth is truly important. I must eat heart-friendly foods. I don’t want to get to the point that I am ill because of the foods that I’ve put into my mouth. I only have one body, one mind, one soul, and I need to take care of myself. I pretty much have the exercise thing down, now it’s time to focus on the nutrition. Nutrition for life, not for death….. I already know that I have a sugar addiction…so now I have to manage that addiction.

For my mind…..I still need to finish my transcription course and get on with it.
For my soul…… Well…. I must get back to church.

Keep running,
Keep loving,
Keep living stress-free,

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