“Hi…I’m Skyy….
I have an issue….
I am a fitness freak who runs 25 miles a week..
who can do pushups until I turn blue…
who can crunch with the best of them….
but cannot do 38 full, military sit ups within two minutes.

but.. my husband loves me…
my kids love me…
i love me….
and most importantly…….
God loves me.

I’ll get back @ it.”


Hi…..I’m Skyy

I no longer have an issue.

I am a fitness freak who will run 25 miles each week

And do pushups until I turn blue..

I can crunch with the best of them…

And I can do 76 full, military sit-ups within two minutes.

Amazing what allowing my body to heal will do. No longer will my fitness level be considered an issue. Scoring 291 out of 300 only 13 months after having Anna seemed to validate what I had already knew…….@ 40 years old… some women need longer than 6 months to get back into shape before attempted full sit-ups. No longer will I allow others to influence what I believe about myself. I can’t change others, but I can change my outlook. I know those who wait in the shadows to kick me when I’m down. I know those who hang around to distract me from my goals. I will not be strayed. I will not be moved. I now walk forward…but glance around because I know that I have to watch my back. My friends have my interest in mind…..they don’t feed information to others about me…..I don’t need a fly on the wall hanging around me.

I will talk all day long…without saying what’s really on my mind. I won’t relay any deep dark secrets that may or may not be part of my past. So… there really is no need to hang around. You want to be a friend…..then be a friend. He didn’t say it… I knew it….why preach it? What’s the angle? Forget it…….

Shoo fly…..shoo…..

keep running…
keep loving..
keep living stress-free,


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