Book Review

Title: I’m your girl
Author: J.J Murray
I really didn’t want to finish reading this book. I really didn’t like it much. To me, it was not realistic. For one the sex scenes needs a lot of work….
well…. more details. I don’t believe that by touching some one’s hand in the library, you would start to think about that person to the point of falling in love. Anyway, what happened to the “in-between” person? You know, the person that you are with to get over the last person you were with. My favorite part of the book was the last 5 or so chapters. If the beginning and middle of the book moved as fast as the ending, it would have been a good read. I will take a break from J.J Murray for a while.
So, the running is going well… I am feeling much better because I am again doing something that I love to do. I love to run. Not only have I been doing my long runs, I have done intervals as well. I need to add back my Sprint training. My hip no long hurts, so that i a plus. I need to also add football drills to round out my program. Doesn’t all that sound like one workout??? Yup…. INSANITY!!!
Picked up a few new patterns to mull around with. I am thinking of making some easy summer dresses. I also picked up some patterns for Anna. Maybe do something in a smaller version for her.

This time at home has done wonders for my soul!! I feel more relaxed and balanced. The quiet has given me time to think and get back to who I am. My workouts are more intense and once again– fun. Spending time with the kids have been great. I’m even putting on my “teen-age” listening ears— so that I can understand my little man!!

Most workout more intensely

So.. the reason that I am stuck at this current weight is probably because I have not been intense enough.  although I workout like crazy, I am not working out correctly.  I really need to get with a professional and develop a solid plan that will work for me.   But until then, I will continue to spend time at the gym because, overall, I feel much better after a nice, long workout.

The weight thing will work itself out.  I just need to keep at it.

So what’s planned for today????   Treadmill work.

I am going run intervals and then hop on the elliptical trainer.  I will hit the weights after that.   So, should be a good workout day.