Press Play Saturday

This weekend was Press-Play Saturday. For the first time in 16 months, I was able to complete the complete Cardio Coach Vol. 8 workout. I also completed the optional challenge at the end of the workout. My goal had been to complete 8 total miles by the completion of the session, however, I was only able to get 5 miles in.

As I was running the hills, I realized the meaning of the workout. Well the meaning of the workout to me. In life, you will have hills and sprints. How I take the hills and sprints throughout the workout is how I take the hills and sprints throughout life.
Do I give up, easily, without trying to master the hills? Do I slow down during the sprints- holding something back? Or.. do I take each hill and each sprint with all that I have until I’ve mastered that hill and that sprint?
This weekend, I chose to press play and to choose life.
Keep running,
Keep loving,
Keep living stress-free,


I am the luckiest woman around

I love the fact that I am on vacation!! I have a house full of family and I am loving every minute of it.
I received the best birthday card today from my Mother.

No one else has your smile,
your laugh,
your presence.

You are the only one
who can be who you are
and do what you do.

Own that!
Because everyone
that knows you loves you
and celebrates what
a difference you make in
their lives.
I love that woman. Not only has she accepted her son’s choice in a spouse, she makes me feel loved and accepted. I am the luckiest woman around.

Keep loving,

keep running,
keep living stress-free,

2 Miles Treadmill Run

Well… I’ve discovered a MP3 workout for running by MARINA. They are pretty good. Good music as well as good coaching. They are different from my iTread workouts in that the music is much better however, I like Grace better.

Well, I decided to workout with MARINA. I followed the advanced settings and was running at an incline of 2.5% grade and 6.4 mph for approx. 17 min. It wasn’t bad. The workout totaled 30 min and I felt really good when I finished.



Travel Fit:

One of my favorite new workouts. This one is a perfect DVD to have on my many travels. This one is on tap for tomorrow along with a 3 mile run. Fun, fun, fun…..

Summer reading: On book 4 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series….. Love, love , love these easy reads. Book 3 almost brought tears to my eyes.

School work: Who knew there are so many different ways to administer drugs to the body! Anyhooo, this course is not bad at all. It’s almost like learning a new language! Oh yeah…. It is.

Keep loving,
Keep running,
Keep living stress-free,

Summer Sewing! So far, this weekend, I cut out this pattern to put together a simple jumper. It took about 1 hour to cut out the patten pieces and then another hour and a half to cut the fabric. I have yet to start the actual sewing part of the project, but I’m guessing that it will take about 2 hours. Summer cooking: Well, my first go-around with grilling didn’t so over so well…. so I’ll try again over this long weekend. Mr. Skyy is taking the lead on this one.

Fitness: going really well.. I am finally back on track!! My arms are still way too fleshy, but I am seeing marked improvements. I have been lifting more as well as running and ab work. I like going to the gym again, and also I’ve been dusting off my DVDs and hitting “Club Skyy”. No more distractions.

Work is a non-issue since I’ve decided to ignore the Goops.

keep living,

keep loving,

keep living stress-free,