Summer Sewing! So far, this weekend, I cut out this pattern to put together a simple jumper. It took about 1 hour to cut out the patten pieces and then another hour and a half to cut the fabric. I have yet to start the actual sewing part of the project, but I’m guessing that it will take about 2 hours. Summer cooking: Well, my first go-around with grilling didn’t so over so well…. so I’ll try again over this long weekend. Mr. Skyy is taking the lead on this one.

Fitness: going really well.. I am finally back on track!! My arms are still way too fleshy, but I am seeing marked improvements. I have been lifting more as well as running and ab work. I like going to the gym again, and also I’ve been dusting off my DVDs and hitting “Club Skyy”. No more distractions.

Work is a non-issue since I’ve decided to ignore the Goops.

keep living,

keep loving,

keep living stress-free,


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