The Wife

Fascination of the new wife.

Wanting to live someone else’ life.
Checking the blog to see what she says
Poisoning the kids to believe that love is dead.
Blaming the stars for the fate in her hands….
Knowing good and well
She never really had the man.
Love is not dead
You just cannot see
It never had anything to do with me….

Look in the mirror….

Stop your craziness….

It was because of your laziness…

This you might not know………

to hold on to love you must encourage it to grow….

Learn this…….

before it’s too late….

don’t be buried in all of that hate…

find true love before it’s too late….

Love does not need to wear a mask

If you never reveal your true self
Love will forever ….

………be outside of your grasp.

It’s a distant star in the night sky…
Waiting on you to end with all of your lies.

Keep checking…..

Keep wondering what’s up..

keep poisoning their minds

what you send my way

I send it back.

you send cursing….

i send blessing….


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