Degrading and demeaning.

Every time I go to the DMV- the workers take pleasure with having me leave because I have “missing documents”. It really doesn’t matter what documents I DO have!! How can a valid Birth Certification not be valid because it’s from another country?
“I need your SSN card”
“I don’t need your SSN card”
“I need your Marriage Certification”
“Oh… no, I don’t need your marriage certification”
It is always SOMETHING.

I realize that some people love to feel that they have power over some part of your life. Do whatever they can to make sure you don’t reach your goal.

That’s okay… I WILL NO longer let other’s actions affect my moods. So… no matter how many times I have to keep going back and forth to the DMV- I will my son his learner’s permit.

Oh well……


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