Good-bye Facebook,

Well…. This is my first weekend without logging onto Facebook. I thought that I would have withdrawals from not constantly checking the updates of my “friends”, however, I realized that I have a few more hours in my day. Things that I did because I was no longer checking Facebook:
Played with kids
cleaned house
returned library books
rearranged books
watched movie
took nap
smiled more
didn’t wonder what was up with anyone
spoke to true “friends” on phone
got ready for upcoming work week
read 4 more chapters of my summer read book
Work has been going better and better. I believe that it had to do with a change of my attitude. I no longer concern myself with what others think of me or my work (only my boss- about my work). Since I’ve just been focusing on my piece of the pie, I have enjoyed going to work and pretty much have been in a good mood. My 3 weeks away helped me to relax and regroup.
Keep loving,
Keep running,
Keep living stress-free,

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