Well… Another good workout week.

I’ve set a goal to get up @ 5:00am each morning and alternate 45 min treadmill cardio one day with 60 min treadmill cardio the next day. Then, after work, I get my strength work in. This seems to be going good. I love morning workouts. I get to start my day in a good mood.

I decided to cut my hair!! I’m now sporting a “boy cut” and loving it!! It took about 2 weeks to get with the program, but now, I jell it down and go.

Work is getting more and more rewarding!!! Since I’ve decided to “do it anyway”, I have been at peace. No matter how I’m treated, I will do it anyway…. I will do a good job!!

I took took a pick of my “morning meditation”

Keep running,
Keep loving,
Keep living Stress-free,

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