Fine! You have have my heart.

Enjoy the power you have over my mind.
Never have I wanted someone so badly- who seems to make me–
Every time I see your face,
Desire brings me to my knees……….

**I need you I LOVE YOU–I can’t forget you**
Danced—we did— to music only you and I could hear.
Enjoying that special sway
Careful to remember— no one mattered/nothing mattered but us.
Never once regretting this dance.
Every time I see your face…..
Fine! You’ve always had my heart.

The Love of Books (Craziness revealed)

This weekend my goal was to log all of my books into my Delicious Library. I wanted to update my bookshelf. It would take me 9 1/2 years to read all of the books in my library. That is if I read 3 books a week for the next 9 1/2 years. This is a rough figure, because I have not subtracted all of the books that I have already read at least once. For the most part, If I like a book, i will read it again at a later date. Two books that I keep re-reading are Love Story and A Knight In Shining Armor.

I completed the task of logging all the books within two days. I also logged my workout videos.
This has been a very relaxing weekend.
No Fitness Plan yet for the upcoming week. Because I have to go back to physical therapy, I haven’t been running as much these last few weeks. So the Elliptical Trainer has been getting my attentions. This upcoming week, my goal is to run 10 miles. 10 slow miles.
Keep running,
Keep loving,
Keep living stress-free.