Your Story…..

I wonder what’s going on round me…
I wonder what others see..
There seems to be some drama..
I know has nothing to do with me!!
I’m caught up in others issues
I don’t know how to steer clear.
My mind is in shambles
and I’m drowning…. I fear.
I want to be supportive,
I want to show I care….
but darkness seems to follow me….
the craziness is to near…
my heart cannot take this.
I need to break free.
I miss who I am on the inside…
I miss what I like to be…
the more I’m surrounded by drama…
I more I lose the real me..

I love you…
I really do.
your friendship means the world to me…
but I can no longer listen….
because lately, I’ve been missing

..Back when I lived my story…
I loved to dance and sing,
life, to me, was beautiful… life was care-free.
I loved to sit and watch the sun rise
and read and read and read.
Back when….I smiled at what I saw when I looked into the mirror
back when…. I ran and sang to life
because there were no shadows.
life was not a fight.
your shadows are too much for me.

It makes me forget to sing,
I keep looking over my shoulders
and wondering what more your shadow
will bring.

I have to get back to when…
So….this must end.

In order to get back to me….
I can no longer worry..
I can no longer live

……your story.

Please….let me go… I go with love..


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