They call her wanton, a woman of wild and independent spirit. But Trista Windham knows her heart — and nothing can shatter her dreams.For love, in need, she surrenders her innocence beneath a radiant sky — and binds her soul forever to Blaze Davenant, a dark and handsome man of dangerous secrets… and startling secret passions. Across perilous waters and through the ravaging fires of the Civil War, Trista must pursue a rapture that, once tasted, can never be forgotten and endure suffering only the strongest of hearts can bear in the cause of a love that comes but once in a lifetime.

When reading the reviews of this book, it’s been called the worst romance book ever. So I had to pick it up and see what makes it the worst book ever. For the most part, I can not really depend on the reviews that I read. I just finished reading Just Breathe and it was nothing like the reviews said that it would be.

I hope to finish this book by the end of the week.


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