****Good-bye 2010*****

This will be my resting spot for 2011.

2010 ends with a more cautious me. I can list the things that have made me walk slowing and pay more attention to who I am as a person but don’t want to end the year on a bad note.

There are plenty of good things to come out of 2010. I am a stronger, wiser person. I have stopped looking to others to validate who I am as a person. I end the year being true to myself and honoring the things about me that I love. If I don’t love myself, who else will love me?

Goals for this blog? To list my joys….


And a place to air my thoughts. No judgments, no faults. Just me.

Before I can be a friend to anyone,
I must first be a friend to me…
It feels good to start over… a clean slate… a new beginning.


One thought on “****Good-bye 2010*****

  • So true! Have to begin the new year with a heart at peace. Because if you do not like yourself how can others like u? U have to be good to U first before anyone else. No judgment never!! Heart u!

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