I stood with my back against the wall as the warm water ran down my face. As the sharp sprays left imprints on my skin, the dirt and grime washes away. Like a chance to begin again, and to start a new day. Each spray was a bad memory of what 2010 had brought my way.
Spray one….was the failure the last of my dream
Spray two… what the evil men, blowing hot steam
Spray three… was me not being true to myself
Spray four…was not looking to God for my help
The water caressed my skin as if to say…. Look not to the wrong that had been brought your way—you’ve made, you’ve done it. 2010 had more to say. As the soapy suds swirled around the drain….I remembered that 2010 was not all about pain.
God brought me to a place where I began to see who I am
2010 was the year that I took a stand
No one was able to divert me from my plans. 2010 was the year that I took my power back from your hands. The world would see me, not from the picture that you paint, but by my work and my deeds and the decisions I make.

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