One minute you’re happy
the next you’re sad
One day you love me…
The next day,
I make you mad.

I tried to make you love me
by being what you want..
but like the changing winds…
your restlessness starts.

Tell me how to love you
tell me what to say
show me that you want to be with me
each and every day.

I don’t know how to reach you
you seem so far away

3 thoughts on “Sybil

  • You write so nice. I know you said that the muse was your hubby, is this talking to him or him talking to you? I love it b/c sometimes we have to hide our real self to our love ones. Not saying that is good or bad, maybe we hide it b/c we do not want to look crazy around them or embarrass them. I love it.

  • Thanks, Yani. The first part is him talking to me then the verse that starts….tell me how to love you… is me talking to him then …I don't know how to reach you… is him talking to me.

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