A word from God

When did I know that I would meet a godly man? How did I know what to look for, so that when he came around, I would not overlook him?

From my journal 1998

Upon leaving church tonight, I received my word from God, “It’s done..” and again, I heard “It’s done. He is on his way. Focus on Me, Praise Me. Remain pure in your thoughts and deeds, and he will find you. He is on the way. It is done. I have heard your prayers and it is done.”
In 1998, I knew that I was to meet a man that was Godly. He was the one that God would have me be with. The only other Godly man in my life at that time was my grandfather. We would go to church three days a week (Sunday, Wednesday,Friday). He was a man to be feared as much as to be loved. I wanted a man like him. My granddad was dependable, he was committed to his family, he was committed to his God, he was committed to living his life. Surely the man that God had for me would be like him.

In 2004, I started my life with the man that God had in mind for me. He is committed to his family, he is committed to living his life, he is dependable. Together, we are committed to living a Godly life.

God is always on time. Had it not been for my grandfather, showing me what a Godly man is, I would no have seen that same look in my husband’s eyes.

2 thoughts on “A word from God

  • You just had to be patient and you were and then he came into your life. I am so glad that you found your Godly man. Good for you!! Love this. I will start my journey tomorrow. I will begin with one step at a time. Wish me luck.

  • Good luck Yani. I think that I am going to go through my old journals and write about how I've changed, or how what i've been through has changed me and make me who I am today. I may even post some of the poetry I wrote years ago…

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