Someone really upset me @ work.
Let me take off my earrings
let me rub Vaseline on my elbows
I got to speak what’s on my mind
before we come to blows…….
Slow down….
and notice the charge in the air.
Be quiet….
so that you can hear, what’s not being said.
No words needs to be spoken,
there needs not be those special looks being passed,
Through the stillness of your silence—
You know…..
I can read your thoughts?
No words needs to pass from your lips
your actions shouts what’s really in your heart.
I have to speak it…..
It’s like a terrible itch…
I have never–ever—met a man
who acts more like a B-t-h!!!
You sit and stare at me?
and pretend that I’m not there?
You talk to your boyz about me??
You think I can not hear??
look into a mirror….
and remember what’s between your legs…
do you need someone to tell you??
and explain what it is that you see?
there’s only ONE bi-ch in my story…..
It AN’T you…
that Bitch is me!!!
***** Exhale*******

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