Where does it go???

When Love is over… where does it go??

Maybe there is a pool and all of the lost love, once discarded, is placed into this pool. And when there is a child that feels unloved, one just has to lead that child to the pool. What if that pool symbolizes the Love that Jesus has for us all. So the love doesn’t die, it is just set aside for those who need it more.

Just saying

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  • I love this song. It is so true, where does love go when it is over? Is there a pool where all the lost love goes into? It is so sad to know that you can love so deeply and then then one day it ends and you end up disliking each other or just plain mean to each other. I don't get it.

  • GIRL Where does love go? Listen to the song again and it makes me think about the past and things that I can't change or want to change but damn where does love go? It sucks when it ends!!

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