My heart aches at the beauty of your words
you follow my moods
and the swayings of my soul
your feelings for me runs deep
truly, i’m in heaven
when our thoughts meet
you ease my mind, with the kindness of your ways
i want to be with you for the rest of my days

I’ve always felt your love for me
even from the very start
you seem to hold a space for me
in the deepest corners of your heart
like my cool morning breeze
you bring me to my knees
no matter what you do,
my world rotates around you

I tell You that I love you
with every breathe within my being
when I look into your eyes
I find my true meaning
the reflections of the passion-
of you and I laying-
don’t worry babe
I’m staying

what I’ve wanted to say
and should have said from the start
you’re not that far away from me
I hold you in my heart.

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