When I take my eyes off of my own goals….I get weaker.
When I listen to anything that goes against my belief system….I get weaker.
When I doubt how events really happened… and let others explain away events….I get weaker.
When I allow others to get into my head… I forget the blessings around me.

This happens every time I take my eyes off of Truth.
No more,
I know Truth
I know the truth I see
I know what’s been done to me.
I know the evil people who surrounds me…
when the evil gets too deep…
I walk away.

Walking away brings me back to ME.

The two roads that stands in front of me forces me to make a decision…
should I stay on this road– and forget all my goals with hopes of one day fitting in?
Should I take the other route- that’s less populated, no doubt, but leads me back to me?
Let evil beget evil
let wrong doers…do wrong
As for me and my household… we will stand strong.
There are no secrets between us….
what’s done in the dark is spoken in the light.
The ups and downs will stop…
with my focus on what we’ve got.
Karma has proven the rumors wrong…..
and Karma continues to work.
The shadows around me have never been my own…
the shadows are secrets belonging to others,
it’s other protecting their faults—–then using our lives as a cover.
our hands are clean;
our conscious are clear-
we’re perfect targets for campaign smears-
it’s somewhat surreal…
to fear what we can reveal
the harassed proved guilty… proving injury was false
another attempt to “trap” from the start.
I will no longer be that target
that others seems to use
to deflect observations from what actions they do.
If needed…
“they” can be listed too.
My goal has always been to protect me and you.

No more…

One thought on “Stronger

  • Wow I like this one. You write from the heart and with so much passion. I like how you write after the video because it goes with it. I AM A LITTLE BIT STRONGER with each passing day. you are an amazing writer. LOVE IT!!

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