Ilaria’s latest fitness concept is a new way of training designed to create a stronger, leaner body and to sculpt a physique like an athlete.

Atletica is a series of high intensity interval training exercises, executed with weights or just your own body weight, that burns fat and develops strong athletic muscles. Each exercise is designed to simultaneously challenge as many body parts as possible, rather than isolating each muscle separately. Atletica high intensity intervals are executed for extended durations of time, making each series of exercises a fantastic cardiovascular workout. This is a perfect aray of training for those looking to become stronger, train functionally, and look and feel seriously in shape – like an athlete! There are no short cuts. Take the Athletica challenge and become stronger with each workout. Train your body and your mind will follow. Strong emphasis on core strengthening exercises, train like an athlete and build rock hard arms, legs and abdominals.

It’s time to pull out this workout once again. I will start with a 3 mile run- then do the first workout. If I’m not too tired, I will preview Bodystrikes- I may pull this one out in the morning.

So far… I have lost 15lbs.

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