For the Love of my Family

My Family…..

Let others talk about what they don’t know.

as we continue to live; our love grows

as the gale winds blow

we stand grounded.

nothing we have — has ever been handed.

we work through our issues

giving love a chance to grow

I see others around me—their unhappiness shows

If it all ended tomorrow

at least I would have known

your love, your commitment, your desire for family

encourages us—-to let this Love flow.

Do what you do man,

you do it so well….

Look at our family— in our eyes you can tell

that you and I together have built a solid home

no matter how the wind blows,

you’re never alone.


Today marks the day you officially ceased to exist;

The baby girl I will forever miss.

5 years has gone by since the day that you died-

The end of a dream never materialized.

Though you never took a breath,

My dreams died with your death-

Only God knows how I made it through.

I never got to hold you.

When you saw how deeply I mourned;

I’m convinced you pleaded with the Lord-

And my miracle, Annissa, was born.

And with every breath that I take- and all that I am,

I will never forget you once existed——-

Anya Lamb