Today marks the day you officially ceased to exist;

The baby girl I will forever miss.

5 years has gone by since the day that you died-

The end of a dream never materialized.

Though you never took a breath,

My dreams died with your death-

Only God knows how I made it through.

I never got to hold you.

When you saw how deeply I mourned;

I’m convinced you pleaded with the Lord-

And my miracle, Annissa, was born.

And with every breath that I take- and all that I am,

I will never forget you once existed——-

Anya Lamb

4 thoughts on “Anya

  • TQM? Ok a inside thing I guess….. Well beautiful wrote my friend!!! The hardest things we go through make use stronger for it's those thing that made you who u r today your a wonderful person n I am sorry for ur lost I two would gave had triplets that would have been 5 this year I just believe that screening happens for a reason..

  • T–I'm so sorry for the loss of you triplets!! I truly believe that when we get to where we're going, we will be greeted by little ones calling our names. Thank you for your kind words.

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