In the space between talk……. and no talk,
in the moments before your left foot crosses your right – when you walk.
It’s the pause before you exhale,
it’s all in the moments when your mind is clear.
You know it’s true when your heart speaks to you.
When you realize that you’re happiest with none of the negative influences in your ear.
…..No one marking the things that you do,
… one trying to imitate—trying to be you.
It’s amazing the games that we all play …
.. the patterns one follows to be center on the stage.

why is it always that I find my cool breeze,
during the moments I spend on my knees
talking in prayer, thanking God for the insight – the ability to see
……what I knew in my heart as always been before me.

“it’s better to keep your enemies near”
– how else will you know what they’re up to..
“i don’t have to like you to get the job done”,
I’ll mess with your mind until the rising of the sun.

loyalty means nothing… when it’s all on one side.
commitment means nothing when you’re all full of lies.
strength is not displayed when you keep switching sides.

Like a mosquito that finds a juicy arm,
like a vampire attached to a vein on a neck,
I’m constantly giving….. giving….. giving
and all I get is regret.
for falling once again into a black widow’s net.

I’m through pulling at straws…..
my energy is restored in the silence of a pause.

it’s fun to harass the one who really cares,
it’s fun to get a rise of emotion

why not take a stand… and show YOUR devotion??

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