Moonbeam Rays

My every thought of you is filled with joy,
emotions hovering at a boiling point.
You take my breath away.
I begged you to stay.
You fill my mind, my heart, my soul
you promised forever I’d have you to hold
but you found another.
Do you remember the time we shared?
we danced in love, we had no cares…
the stars were all on our side
between you and I, we had nothing to hide
do you remember the moon at it’s best?
the shadows that came from the moon’s bright light
I remember how it rested upon your cheek
the way the light played off your skin
help me to get over what has been
the best time of my life.
I can’t let it go….
the thoughts of you and I…
my heart breaks each time I look towards the Skyy…
we had fun… you and I…
come back.

3 thoughts on “Moonbeam Rays

  • That was nice you came at it a different way then I did but I like.. I actually started to write in the direction you went but when I came home n sat down I had a whole different poem in my head already so I wrote. I kind how u left the 3rd party you was talking bout like kinda a mystery cause while your reading the reader is wonder who it is.. Really nice.. Thanks for sharing.. DT

  • I like the direction that you too!! I do try to keep the reader guessing… I take parts of many things and ball them together so that one, two, or more people can read them and say…..I remember; Our night skyy……

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