They try

For “T”

It’s hard… to put out a light that shines so bright,
It takes more than anger…
more than pure brute might
to harden a heart so pure…
You’re one in a million….
You show that you care…
No matter how they try… stay out of their Lear…
when the sky starts to fall…. you don’t want to be near.

Stay strong…
stay true…
A true professional….
That would be you.

One thought on “They try

  • Wow thanks for the words your to kind, that flows so smooth tour good with your words I must say….”It's hard… to put out a light that shines so bright” Wow alsome Analogy…. Makes me think of some like…

    This will start my next poem,
    How do they want me to see whats in front of me if they got me I'm staring in the dark. And you want me to walk straight being push from the left then to the right! You know It's hard to be understood when you use someone elses voice! It's even hard to reach out when you have no arms. It's hard to call on a friend when they don't have a phone. Just like It's hard to listen if you don't have a ear. You want me to lean on you but you don't have a shoulder to spear cause they to busy holding up your head that's filled with all that air!!!

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