The joy of owning a new book.
The joy of all blank, fresh new pages.
we all come to decisions in life that brings about changes.,,
Standing in a field of flowers..
breathing in a crisp, cool breath.
I had to die to self
so I could live with no regrets.
no more shadows, no more whispers
no more knowing things were wrong.
Skyy has always, always, always been so strong.
Reflections from the mirror was not who I wanted to see.
Quiet, Peace, Alone-ness….
brought me back to being me.
breathing in…
then breathing out….
close your eyes and know without a doubt
unhealthy relations wears you out.
If I could whisper about a friend, then look that friend in the eye..
and lie…
and never question why….
I’m not a friend.
no matter how many hours spent trying,
I’m tired of lying..
It hurts my heart to see your soul dying.
I’m committed to a path in life… I’m determined to treat others right
but I must start with me….
one day… maybe not now…
you’ll see
brings out the best… in you
But more importantly…
The best — in me.

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