The End of the Story

Your Story…..

I wonder what’s going on round me…
I wonder what others see..
There seems to be some drama..
I know has nothing to do with me!!
I’m caught up in others issues
I don’t know how to steer clear.
My mind is in shambles
and I’m drowning…. I fear.
I want to be supportive,
I want to show I care….
but darkness seems to follow me….
the craziness is to near…
my heart cannot take this.
I need to break free.
I miss who I am on the inside…
I miss what I like to be…
the more I’m surrounded by drama…
I more I lose the real me..

I love you…
I really do.
your friendship means the world to me…
but I can no longer listen….
because lately, I’ve been missing

..Back when I lived my story…
I loved to dance and sing,
life, to me, was beautiful… life was care-free.
I loved to sit and watch the sun rise
and read and read and read.
Back when….I smiled at what I saw when I looked into the mirror
back when…. I ran and sang to life
because there were no shadows.
life was not a fight.
your shadows are too much for me.

It makes me forget to sing,
I keep looking over my shoulders
and wondering what more your shadow
will bring.

I have to get back to when…
So….this must end.

In order to get back to me….
I can no longer worry..
I can no longer live

……your story.

Please….let me go… I go with love..


3 thoughts on “The End of the Story

  • The end of your story
    Your story part 2

    Your story is clear you don't want me near cause you want to live a life that you know I fear. My facade is being threaten by the things that you do, because we became so close now when they see me they also see you!!! It's true I enjoy the things we do,  but lately when we talk it seems to always be about you and the things you going through, the thing you brought on you, Your problem, your mistake that you continue to make, you say you move on but that wrong road you continue to take.. putting our friendship at stake…. So this mistake I can't continue to make, I got to move on no matter what it takes! It hurts me to break away from you but I'm sorry my friend it's some I have to do, for me not for you…I love you my friend I really do, but more so the times we share not the things you continue to do. I hate we became so close, cause now it's hard to let go. I have to say good bye so here I go. I Hope you know your love but this I must do, so I wrote this poem cause this is the only way I can say good bye to you……..

  • Oh MY GOSH!!! This is perfect!! It says everything that I tried to say!! “T”, Mann! You do have a way with words. You know exactly how I feel!!! I'm losing myself in the shadows!! Sometimes I can't breathe…. You said it so well!

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