Dreams of my Music Man

Ever wonder why music from certain decade pulls at your heart strings?
Take me, I like to sit back and close my eyes and listen to music from the late 60’s and 70’s. When Elton John sang… Don’t let the Sun go Down on Me……He touched a place that was deep inside my soul.

Paul Davis sang a song that made me long to have a Sweet Life……I longed to meet the man who would make my dreams come true.

How many times did I play this song over and over again when I was growing up? How many times did I envision the man who would give me that Sweet Life?

Young and romantic as I was…. I thought his name would be Daniel…..Thanks to Elton.

Sweet Life…..Paul Davis

She’s got your eyes
She’s got my nose
Oh, and I get high just watching her grow
We always dreamed we’d live in a castle, oh but
We’re in the same old shack
Sometimes we get into a hassle
But we always take each other back
Oh, you know
This whole world seem to be in a hurry
But darlin‘ we’ll just keep on taking our time
‘Cause we’re living such a sweet life, oh what a neat life
Sharing my love with you
Oh, we’re living such a sweet life, oh what a neat life
making our dreams come true
we’re makin our dreams come true

It’s odd, how life imitates art. The 70’s music sang of a simpler time, a simpler life. It sang of a deeper love. Of a pure love that could span a lifetime and beyond. That love was not what other person could do for you, or how much money another person could give to you. It wasn’t about possessions, or about how big the “bling” was. It was about how you felt when you spent time with your love.

The same year that Sweet Life was released…. Paul Davis sang about how his heart could not hide an old feeling inside of a lost love. When he saw that love again…. he’d go crazy.

REO Speedwagon sang; although released in 1984; about not being able to fight that love feeling any longer. In the song, a man falls in love with his friend. He could no longer deny the intense emotion that his love brought out within him.

Even if he had to crawl across the floor, come crashing through her door, he couldn’t fight that feeling anymore.

I wanted that feeling. My youthful dreams were about those feelings. And about a man who could break through the walls that I had built and exhume those feelings of intense love and desire.

As I drove back home from a long stay away, I listened to the music that moved my soul. I realized that my love for that music was rapped in a dream of who that music would direct my heart to. A man that would start out as a friend. Who would not let the sun go down on me. Who would come crashing through my doors of doubt and distrust. Who, without him, I’d go crazy. Who would give me such a sweet life.

As I drove up my driveway that day, he walked out of our home with our daughter in his hands. I realized, there….there was my music man. There was the man of my dreams…

We walked into our home together, to continue our Sweet Life.

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