Personal Platforms

“A point of view is worth 50 IQ points” Warren Benis

We should live by our convictions. We should stand for something. According to “Change the way you see yourself”, our voice rings clearly, our mind creates meaning, and our ideas and promises hold sway – people will gravitate towards us.

It is important to have a personal platform that reflect the values and passions that underlie your beliefs.

Start by completing the following:

I believe…… ( I believe that God is God)
I want……. (I want true happiness and success for my family and friends)
I declare…….. ( I declare that I am loved and am able to give love)
My hope…….. (My hope is to see my children’s children)
My desire……… (My desire is to experience a love like no other)
My dream…….. (My dream is for true happiness and peace)

It is never too late to develop a personal platform if you don’t already have one. I have found out that people who have their own platform, tends to not jump on others stages.

Although it is nice to occasionally to have someone share your stage, no one wants to reveal their hopes and dreams to someone that do not have their own personal platform.

The reason being….. before you know it, the other person take on your dreams and hopes. You then lose your passion. Your passions are drained.

I have met people who changes to become like the people that they hang around. Whether this is done to form a bond with another person, to find a common ground, or to trick someone into thinking that there is more of a connection than there really is. When you imitate someone else, you are living a lie.

We all do it at times.

When you first meet someone of the opposite sex that you want to get to know…… you want that person to want to be with you so you “like what he likes” you “do what he does” you “eat what he eats.” All with the attempt for him to see how compatible you both are.

But your true self always makes an appearance eventually. Because it is hard to keep being someone that you’re not.

Look at it from the point of view of the person you mirror. When your true self is revealed and it is discovered that you really share no common interest, the person will feel dooped! The person will feel that they had been taken for a ride. Worst of all…. The person may not really like the true you and would not have been with you; had you revealed your true self from the beginning.

Life is wonderful… When you meet someone who shares a similar platform that you have.

Life is hell… when you meet someone who appears to have a similar platform, but it is discovered that the their true platform is opposite the power of convictions that you live by.

Joy is leaving it all behind when you discover that someone is distracting you from enjoying your own platform.

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