Hollow Eyes—9/24/86

Skyy, a long time ago

Hollow Eyes
There she stands all alone
no one cares, no one’s home.
She’s just staring out in space.
Saying nothing, no one hears….
deep inside, she’s crying out.
someone help her,
help her now…
When you look into her eyes…
that is where the struggle lies
when you look….
you can see her cry.
No one looks into her eyes….
No one tries to stop her cries.

If you see her standing there…
would you stop her??
or would you stare?
Look around you and you will see
the little girl standing there patiently
–waiting for your helping hand.

Words were powerful, even back then.
writing was the way a little girl, with no voice… could cry out.
Glory be to God, who covers me.

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